Buying the tickets makes the planning and dreaming a little more of a reality. It’s a big commitment. Putting down the cash. Putting it on the line.

Sometimes it’s okay to have a messy room and to let your kid go nuts. Exploring and investigating is so important. And when it comes to clean up sometimes you just want to go to sleep when they go to sleep. Here’s to play days and messy rooms! It’s okay to be messy as long […]

Whats it like being a parent and a writer, well besides chaos, find out what Corey and Dillon have to say!

I met Princess in the fall of 2009 just a few weeks after I met Korina. It was the first time that I went to Korina’s house.

Good morning! You never realize how much baby gear you’ve got until you clean it all. Quick shout out to the Boon grass drying rack and Myers dish soap for being amazing. If you’re looking for baby washing gear these two are a must! Have a great weekend friends! You’ve Got This! -Dillon

Here is this kid that needs us to change his diapers, strap him into a car seat and to put on his shoes. But somehow, at nine months old, he pushed my hands away and held his bottle by himself.

Where have all the dad blogs gone and where are all the gods?

Korina And I have always worked. On top of that we have both always had some form of side Hustle. Bartending weddings, nannying kids, selling bootleg bourbon from the back of a stage coach out in northern Colorado.

It doesn’t matter where you are, when you are, or how odious the task may be to sit down and write, just write.

A to do list. A Break the Mold list if you will!