From Rad To Dad

First off, let me say that I am not an expert on the subject of fatherhood. I’m simply a new dad with a decent wifi connection and the ability to type blog posts with one hand and feed our son with the other.

Let’s introduce the boy:13076560_10154049421876287_3323514659254859975_n

Killian Jaymes came into the world on Jan 7th 2016 at 1:21am and the moment I saw him it was like he had always been there. Every word and action from my past almost seemed to be rewritten. From my dumb mistakes and heartbreaks to missed curfews and sappy love songs written. All these and more suddenly became teaching opportunities. But, at the time of my writing this he is only 4 months old, so we have a little bit of time before the heart breaks and sappy love songs come into play…I hope.

Now, for the gorgeous wife:

10352194_10153939920231287_8830350180646790273_nLet it forever be true that a man is only as good as the person that stands beside him, and the woman at my side is the grandest of all. I have a phenomenal wife and her lovely name is Korina. We met in the fall of 2009 in college. We were both studying the theater arts. She is now owner and creator of sweetest nerdy dreams, an amazingly geeky craft shop on Etsy, and she writes The Boy Mom Diaries a fantastic blog about her perspective on motherhood and putting up with me. I’ll link to her often because a big part of fatherhood is learning how to be a new kind of partner for your wife or significant other and understanding what they’re going through.


A little bit about me:

13248608_10154096610596287_2971248409087216916_oNow that I’ve introduced the two most important people in my life. Hi I’m Dillon! And I’ve gone from Rad to Dad. This is not to say I’ve lost any of my previous radicalness, I’ve just added an awesome new addition: a spit bubble blowing, blonde haired blue eyed monster boy who looks just like his mother. Typically, to save time, we call him Killian.

I went to university and after a stint of studying theater slid over to history. I don’t do anything with that degree now and I’m okay with that. I played in bands and waited tables and got married at 20 to the love of my life. We faced some adversity for getting married so young and we quickly learned to be okay with a small group of strong friends. We were very different, we still are.  We started a YouTube channel in July of 2013 to showcase that it’s okay to be a young married couple. Much like Korina and I that channel has changed and grown into something very fun and very different from where it started. But at its core it’s still about us just being us.

In previous years when asked the magic question every married couple gets “when are you guys having kids?” We would always smile and say “kids just aren’t for us.” We would say that we were too selfish to have kids. And that’s something I firmly stand by. We were far too selfish with ourselves and our alone time. It’s important to be selfish with your significant other and the time you have together before having a kid. Because once that child comes that child is everything.

Eventually we had a conversation one night at the age of 24 and we thought  if we’re going to have a kid now would be the perfect time age wise, not money wise, *nervous laughter*. We wanted a little person around that we could love and teach and watch grow. Several ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, periods and six months later Korina surprised me on May 5th 2015 that we were going to have our child. But I’ll save all of that and those stories for later. There’s a lot to tell.

What’s to follow are purely my opinions, thoughts, hopes, stories, fears and dreams for the future of my son, wife and myself. So follow along on this journey into modern fatherhood. Welcome, to From Rad to Dad.

– Dillon Biemesderfer


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