ONLY 970 Saturdays To Go…

Nine Hundred and Seventy. Taking money out of the equation 970 of anything sounds like a lot.  970 pacifiers, diapers, bottles, wipes, you get the idea. One night Korina and I were talking on the ride home with Killian silently snoozing in his car seat. “Want to hear something terrifying?” She asked from the back seat. “There are only 970 Saturdays from when Killian was born until he graduates high school.”  My eyebrows raised as the gravity of that sank in deep.

970 Pacifiers is a lot. 970 free days between my son coming into this world and going out into it, now that is far too few.

At the time of me writing this my son is 20 weeks old.  That huge 970 is now only 950. That scares me but it does give me the foresight to not want to waste a day with my boy.


L to R: Birth, Two Months, Four Months

So this Monday I ask what do you have planned for Saturday? And what if you work weekends? Well then, what do you have planned for Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday night? Your free day doesn’t have to be a weekend. Times running away from you, so put the dishes, the paperwork, the nonsense aside and just go be with your kid and your significant other.  The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is right now.  Why waste the moment you have right now?


So this week’s big question, what are you going to do with your ONE day out of 970 this week? It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be.

Have a great week fellow father.




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