3 Perfect Ways to Accomplish Anything!

I, like I would assume most dads, struggle with dreaming and procrastination.  Can’t tell you how many first chapters to books I have, how many unfinished songs with lyrics that only need three chords to go along with them, and how many times I’ve thought that would be a great invention!  My list of procrastination goes on and on. I personally need to get better at getting spit done! So here is my new 3 step process to beat procrastination and accomplish anything!

1: Get off the internet, turn the TV off, put your phone on airplane mode, whatever it is you have in front of you that isn’t the thing you want to accomplish, just get it out of sight.

2: Pull out the pad of paper and pen, fire up word, put your running shoes on.

Whatever it is you need to do your “anything”, just get it out.

3: Do it.

  • If it’s only one line to your sketch of the skyline that’s just frustratingly off kilter
  • If it’s only one ill formed sentence to the book you’ve been working on for three years
  • If it’s only a quarter of a mile instead of the half mile you promised yourself

At the end of step three, you’ve accomplished more than you were doing just before step one.  Doesn’t that make all the difference?

Now, just turn the internet, TV and phone off.

You’ve got this.




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