No Zero Days!

A long time before Killian was born my best friend Edd and I were talking about wanting more out of life and our fears about falling short of our dreams. We discussed a pretty cool concept called “no zero days”. And we’ve been practicing on and off since.


Now if some of you are unfamiliar with the idea, it’s pretty simple. Don’t let a day go by that you don’t put some effort into your dream or your goal.

Let’s say you’re a writer with the goal of finishing a book? Having a tremendous amount of writer’s block today? Get one new sentence down. Just one. Could be as horrible as “and then the zombie velociraptors burst from the bushes swarming around us clicking and hissing hungry for our frightened flesh!”

Even if that’s the only thing you do towards your goal and the sentence you write might have nothing to do with what’s going on in your story at all. You still put words on paper that were not there before. You put some effort into your goal however little it may may have been. Who knows. That one sentence towards your book today could be the inspiration to break your writer’s block and write two hundred sentences tomorrow.

Don’t let a funk, a rainy day or a screaming toddler allow you to have a zero day. Write your one sentence on the notes of your phone or a napkin, do your work out with your baby, sing the song you’re writing in your head to your audio recorder on your phone while you drive down the road (hands free of course).

Whatever your goal is make today be your first no zero day. It doesn’t matter how far you go, as long as you go.

You’ve Got This!




  1. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    Love this post. I didn’t call it No Zero Days before, but I might just start now. I do my best to do exactly what you describe. Make progress, no matter how small, each and every day. It’s certainly not easy, but to eat an elephant you’ve got to take lots of little bites. That’s why I never ignore the elephant in the room, I slowly devour him (starting the ears…who doesn’t love an elephant ear?).

    Super excited to see more posts from you. It’s nice to know us dads don’t have to live in seclusion.

    On a side note, this sentence – “and then the zombie velociraptors burst from the bushes swarming around us clicking and hissing hungry for our frightened flesh!” – is not horrible. I want to know more about these velociraptors and perhaps tame them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See now I feel like I need to write out a short story revolving around zombie velociraptors! Thanks for taking the time to read!

      Liked by 1 person

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