Dirty politics, murder, gossip and drama are so easy to find.  Just check the trending topics on your wall.  I do it, I give in and get caught up in the downward spiral we’re caught in.  It’s so easy, too easy.  I am certain we are all in some way addicted to the macabre glow of violence and petty drama that’s shared time and time again.  But, all too often we forget that things are good.

I love Kurt Vonnegut.  And he has one of my favorite quotes about life and perspective:

“And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” -Kurt Vonnegut

I try so hard to notice when I am happy and it makes being happy so much easier and enjoyable!  I look for good things to read that remind me that there are Dads out there trying to figure it out too.

I look at my son laughing and I watch my wife’s smile widen when Killian reaches for her.

I love that there are writers like “Quintessential Editor” who passionately write with the hopes of helping other writers get better at their craft!

I devour artists works like Zen Pencils who combine quotes and amazing Comic Strip style art that helps to push me forward when I am feeling a little run down.

Any quality work that reminds me that life  is nice and that good people exist, I take it.

I try and think of all the possibility in life and where things can go, as opposed to where I am at when things seem tough.  I always tell myself and anyone going through any kind of rough patch.

“There have been people in worse situations that have done far more with far less.”

Things are never going to be easy, that would take the purpose of life away.  We are supposed to chase what we want. It’s going to be hard but it’s going to be worth it.  I started typing “You’ve Got This” at the end of every post for two reason.  To remind myself that I’ve got this, and hopefully to remind you that you do to.

You’ve Got This!





  1. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    Thanks for giving me a nod in this most excellent post – you’ve gone and made me happy today. Like you mentioned, one great appeal to this whole blog thing, is getting to connect with other people who are sharing in the struggle.

    It’s hard for me sometimes too. Especially with everyone being so up in arms about the Presidential campaigns going on. The internet has really given people the ability to bandstand in a way that is counterproductive to growth. My thinking is – if you couldn’t comfortably state your opinion in a crowded room with your parents standing next to you, why would you stream it into the infinite universe of the interwebs? It’s one reason I pretty much only use Facebook to message friends, and stay in touch with family.

    If I want happiness, I play with my son, spend the time I can with my wife, write, learn about the craft, and play on my blog. When it comes to the interwebs, my blog is my happy place. It’s a lightning rod of creativity and lets me pour my passion into a single outlet. Daily posts force me to continuously grow and learn – to stay focused. Just like you, and everyone else who doesn’t claim to be an all-knowing sage/expert, I’m figuring it out as I go. Sorting out how to best move forward in life, in fatherhood, in writing, in marriage, and in everything else.

    Regardless, and most importantly – we’ve got this. Thanks for putting this post out there, you sparked some motivation in me and I love it.


    1. See, I am glad to hear other dads saying that they are figuring it out as they go. Even though I know we all are, or at the least I am, it is still great to hear someone else say it. I’m glad I could spark some motivation! Thanks for reading and I’m always happy to spotlight great content! =)

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