How To Increase Your Productivity In Just 5 Easy Minutes!

“Just five more minutes…” I couldn’t  tell you how many times I’ve sleepily grumbled that to my alarm when I was younger, and even now when my phone chimes to life at 5:25am every weekday morning.

I fall into the pit of waking up later than 5:25am all too often, that’s something I am working on getting better at, but that’s not the five minutes I’m talking about in this post.

I work at a desk with access to the oh so wonderful internet.  It is almost too easy to open up a new tab in Firefox and browse the news, find new Youtube videos, or fall into the clutches of Reddit. So how do I combat the internet on my most scatterbrained of days?

I bargain with myself.

When you want to jump ship from the contract your writing up, or the excel spreadsheet your crafting, develop the discipline to stop yourself and say:

“Just five more minutes of focus”

Take a deep breath and then get back into it for “five minutes”.  For me, acknowledging that I am loosing my attention span, taking a deep breath, a stretch and hitting the keys for just another five minutes I find I get lost in working and 40 minutes goes by.

Does the five minute of focus work? Majority of the time, yes!

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!  What tips do you have for focusing up when the internet is calling?

In the meantime I am going to work on waking up with my alarm on the first chime.  Wish me luck!

Remember, You’ve Got This!

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  1. So hard to keep focus sometimes! (All right, more than sometimes.) I’m going to try the five minute plan. I also find that if I’ve spent some quality time exercising and meditating that day, I won’t lose my focus as fast.

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    1. See meditating is something I want to start doing more! I’ve tried it a few times I just need to get dedicated to doing it! Thank you so much for reading’


  2. I’ve been on the same train lately, I recently have been using the headspace app (not an ad), 10 minutes smack in the middle of my day. The new practice has worked wonders for my focus and productivity.


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