First Time On The Swings?!

This was actually a tough week but we will get into that in the video. We take Killian to the park for the first time, Nathan and Nolan hang out, We have a crazy hibachi date night, a trip to the Disney Store in Opry Mills in Nashville, and a special guest appearance!


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  1. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    Loved the video! Hibachi, scavenger dogs, swings, and storm clouds – you’ve all been busy. Always fun to play voyeur in another dad’s life. Can’t get over how cute Killian was on the swings. He has two little teeth exactly where Thor does right now. The days of him chewing on my thumbs are grinding to a halt!

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    1. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but Thor is such an awesome name! Yeah, I’ve instinctively went to put my knuckle in his mouth to chew on only to be surprised every time by the teeth, but I am learning haha. Korina and I have been making Youtube videos about our live since the summer of 2013 haha so feel free to watch as many as you like =) I share them here for a little dose of content and hopefully for more people to discover my other passions outside of blogging =)


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