HOW TO DAD! “Please, Be Loud While The Baby Sleeps!”

This is the first part of a new little series I’m gonna start called: HOW TO DAD! A little humor, a little bit of storytelling, and a good bit of How To. Leave a comment down below letting me know what you would like to hear my thoughts on when it comes to babies and their upbringing!

When we would have visitors when Killian was first born they would instantly hush up when they realized Killian was napping. “Please! Talk, sing, drop a dish, be loud around Killian when he’s napping.” I would say.  The strange part is I meant most of it, not the dish part that’s too much to clean up.



Now I know this is so beyond the normal for most parents to say “make noise around the sleeping kid”. Who does that? Crazy people that’s who, if you go any deeper into my world here or over on Youtube you’ll see that.


Before Korina had Killian we discussed wanting to be loud around him so that he would be able to sleep through dogs barking, car alarms, hockey games, alien invasions or anything else that could happen on an idle Tuesday.

sleeping in the noise

Sleeping through wrestling duels.

We never wanted to be those “SHHHHHHHHHHHHH The baby is sleeping!” parents that whisper scream at others like an angry Librarian. This isn’t to say that we don’t tell people to be as silent as possible around him sometimes. When he is in a particularly sour mood, due to teething mostly, we really try to sneak about.  He still wakes up when our dogs bark like alarm clocks though, which is frustrating believe me.


We have never gone out of our way to be overly loud, we just wanted Killian to be able to recognize sound around him and be comfortable sleeping in noise.  If you always whisper around your newborn then anything over that whisper is going to act as a stress or and wake them.  This past weekend we were at our friend Jake and Jess’s daughter’s birthday party. Jaecee is four and needless to say there were what felt like a thousand and two kids there under the age of 5. Honestly I think there were no more than 10 kids there (they move very fast and I couldn’t keep an accurate count).  Naturally we didn’t have a pack and play with us and there was nowhere to really put a 7 month old down to sleep in house of chatting parents and laughing children.  So what to do with a tired baby who only wants to sleep in peace?

I strapped on the baby carrier and tossed him in, folded his arms up against my chest and boom. Out light a light.  Even though there was noise everywhere Killian Jaymes quietly snored on my chest for close to 45 minutes.  That’s something that wouldn’t have been able to happen if we hadn’t decided to live our lives around him while he slept.

baby wearing

Not the same day, but look at Captain Hook!

Sometimes we make a loud noise and he does wake up, sometimes the neighbors in apartment B slam their 86 Oldsmobile door too hard and guess what? He wakes up very mad (Wouldn’t you?).  Other times the death rays from the alien invasion buzz a little too loudly and he stirs. Who can blame him.  I’m not calling this the perfect route to take but we’ve noticed how, for the most part, immersing your child in your life and subsequent noise and not treating your home like a library has helped us and him rest easier.


What do you think? Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

You’ve Got This!




  1. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    This is a good bit of insight here. We are more isolated than you and Korina so we haven’t had to deal with too many incursions into baby Thor’s sleep schedule. I will say we always kept music and/or the television going for the first four months of his life or so. (Winter was coming and I needed to watch it unfold.)

    When Thor was first born Heather and I rotated 12-hour shifts to feed him whenever he wanted. He wasn’t gaining weight so we were attempting to answer every feeding cue he would show. He slept in the living room in a little bassinet or in a Mama Roo ( I think that’s what it’s called). As soon as his little mouth started puckering or his hands went to his lips, we woke him up and fed him.

    Because he was in the living room most of the time, he didn’t really care about noise. Vacuuming, music, our cat Niblet meowing at birds, talking, it didn’t really matter to him.

    When he finally put on weight we moved him into the nursery and started sleeping like (semi) normal people. Heather was pumping and nursing so we were (are) still dealing with that sleeptastrophe. What’s nice about it is he largely self-soothes himself to sleep now, sleeps a 12-hour night, and very rarely startles awake. Hurricane winds and branches snapping are succesful in waking him up (last night was a doozie). I imagine this is mother nature’s equivalent to the 86 Oldsmobile door…

    So from my limited experience, I would absolutely agree with you. It’s solid advice. I think the other key (for me at least) involves keeping a somewhat regular schedule for sleep and food. But I’ll wait for you to tackle the subject and offer my two cents afterwards.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing and I always love the pictures of you and Killian (no Korina this time…tsk, tsk). It makes me smile to see another happy family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad to hear that you guys are safe in the storms! That’s crazy about him eating and loosing weight. We tried breast feeding the first two days in the hospital and Killian wouldn’t take and he began loosing weight. It was so tough emotionally and physically for Korina. She wanted to breast feed so bad, so we made the decision to formula feed and he gained weight almost instantly. Sleep is so rough for so many babies and parents (it’s 10pm and Killian is just awake and playing at the moment.
      I will include more photos of Korina next time! (Hangs head in shame…)
      Maybe I’ll talk about schedules and how I constantly mess them up next time! Thank you so much for reading along!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Quintessential Editor · ·

        We failed at breast feeding too. Which was crushing because we went to all of these breastfeeding classes together prior to Thor being born and learned all of these cool techniques. After a week and half of steady weight loss we switched to pumping and that saved the day.

        Side note, have you ran into any psycho-crazy moms who shout things at you like, “Breast is best!” While we haven’t had that shouted at us, we have had it blasted at us via the miracle of modern technology (the interwebs). Anyways…

        Loved the read 😀


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