For all my friends that want to make it, whatever your “it” is, just keep posting. Just keep writing. Just keep singing, filming, acting, swimming, fighting whatever your it is. Don’t stop it. You can slow it down, refine it, reevaluate it, but don’t stop it.

QE, had a blog post that I commented on that sort of sparked this post. His post was all about writing routines and he asked what our routines were.  For me I don’t have one, wish I could get into one, but I am A. Far too scatter brained, B. I juggle a lot of creative projects, C. I’m a husband and a dad so when it comes down to making memories I am going to put everything else off to spend time with my girl and my son.


What ever the Dementor that stands in your way is, vanquish it, and keep posting!

All of this being said, I try to do a little bit every day. I pick a project for each day and i take taht day to work on that project. I find the time when I’m standing in line at the post office I work on my phone, on my break at work, when everyone else goes to sleep (if I’m not too tired…). If it’s important to create it, you make the time for it, even if it’s last minute, even if its 2 in the morning. You work on it and you post it.

The worst thing you could ever do is daydream that blog post, story, piece of art or song and let it fade.  Trust me, I have books that I have started and pressed pause on for various reasons. I will open up google docs and look at them after what feels like only two months since I put it down only to find that it was two years ago that I pressed pause.

Keep posting.  Even if it’s just a sentence a day before you fall asleep, don’t stop it.

Just keep posting.  The readers, listeners and followers will come, but only if you keep posting.


You’ve Got This!




  1. Eventually your son gets older and goes to school… and BAM you have time to write! 🙂

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    1. True, but I don’t want to think about him getting to school just yet, little monster child is already growing up too fast! We are constantly telling him to slow down haha.

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      1. I feel ya, you’ll look down one day and wonder where all the time went. Enjoy them while they still like you and worship the ground you trod. I’m told that eventually they’ll hate us and be smarter than us. I don’t look forward to THOSE days either.

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    2. So… This isn’t just a myth? That’s reassuring.

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      1. Nope, it’s true! 😉

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  2. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    Another great post from you. Like JR mentioned in his comment, I wonder how much more time I will have once Thor gets to school. But like you, it makes me sad to think I won’t be able to hang out with my sidekick all day long. I think about how much I craved freedom as a kid, and now think how that must have affected my parents. It’s crazy to stop and think about how things change and how you truly can’t relate to some things until you experience them firsthand.

    You’re moto helps keeps me positive though…we’ve got this.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! As Killian is growing up we are finding ourselves saying how much we enjoy him more now. “This is such a cool age!” And its not that 3 month old Killian wasn’t cool, he was very cool, it’s just that we are enjoying watching him figure himself out 8 months. And I guess what we have been trying to focus on, even though we haven’t said it out loud, is we are just enjoying him and appreciating him for that day and not trying to make him be Killian at 7 months or worry about 14 year old Killian. He’s so cool already and any moment to hang out with him we take it. At this stage the most awesome thing we can get is him to stop trying to crawl off and cuddle with us, if even for a moment.

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      1. Quintessential Editor · ·

        How old is Killian now? Thor is 10 months here in a couple days. I also practically beg him to crawl over to me and cuddle – and like you said – when it happens it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Right now, Thor is in a state of search-and-taste mode 99.999 percent of the time.

        He’s like a little shark. “What is this? I shall try putting it in my mouth to test for potential uses.” That process happened in a week. The week prior he would roll around on his sides like a tiny human tumbleweed to try to get places. Then I was sitting there on the floor, doing some reading, and he jumped up to his hands and knees, crawled over, and pulled the book out of my hands.

        I do agree that I find special moments (and challenges) with every stage of his life now. It’s just mind-boggling to watch him figure something out, and from that moment, he can do it forever. The other day he figured out how to pull himself to his feet by using the walls of the baby jail (I should probably put a picture of that on instagram so it doesn’t sound like I’m running a dungeon for babies…). Now every morning, as soon as I slowly turn up the little light in his room, he pulls himself to his feet and smiles at me. I think seeing him standing, for me, has been the biggest indicator of, “Dang, Thor is growing up.”

        Anyways, I’m rambling. Dad life is something else and I could probably talk about it for hours.

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      2. Thank you for using months, I get so confused with how many weeks old a baby is. Killian is 8 months (9 on the 7th of October). Killian’s current thing is to let things dangle from his mouth as he crawls or stands up around the house. I like the observation that once they figure something out once they’ve got it. I walked into Killian’s room Saturday morning and he had been up for a bit just kind of sitting in his crib babbaling to himself. He turned looked at me, smiled a big two toothed grin, stood up using the side of the crib and said “dadieeee” I couldn’t help but feel like the coolest person on the planet. Man it’s so easy to ramble about dad life haha. I am happy to see Thor is doing great (and you too), please post the baby dungeon photo!

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      3. Quintessential Editor · ·

        Heather and I have always tried to use months because the week thing has always bothered me. Someone would tell me how many weeks their baby was an I was just nod my head emptily like I could actually convert those weeks into months.

        Not too long ago, when Thor was approaching the same age as Killian is, Heather came up to me and said, “Today Thor has been outside of my belly longer than he was in it.” It really struck me as an emotional moment and not something I had really thought about. As a stay-at-home dad I have a very tight connection with Thor, but as his mother, Heather has a completely different type of connection with him.

        I loved reading how Killian greeted you! Those are the best moments for sure. When I get Thor up in the morning and pick him up he just stretches out so big and presses his little face against mine. Those moments (even though they signal the end of my productivity for the rest of the day), I treasure each day.

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