Starting Monthly Favorites?!

I want to start doing monthly favorites, maybe even try to get into doing some infographics.

I want to go back to when Killian was 0 months old and do a favorite things we did or used to help get through that month. I want to get to where I am posting with him as we go.  I am only a few months behind haha. (8 for anyone counting).


Lactose and sugar free Fro Yo has made the list of 8 month favorites!

And I want to do a Dillon’s monthly favorites: what books, music, movies, people, blogs, YouTube channels, food, treats, beers, adventures and more that I have discovered this month and tell you about them!

So we get the baby side and the dad side of the force.

Would this be something y’all would like to see?

In the meantime, please, remember

You’ve Got This!


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  1. That look!! LOL

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