HOW TO DAD: Sweatpants and Spit Up

This past Saturday standing in line at our local post office to ship off Korina’s weekly bag of packages for her Etsy shop. il_570xn-1090526971_snk1(Shameless plug here: she makes vinyl decals, buttons, and shirts all with nerdy and Disney flair!)

Anyway, standing there as the post office person is whipping through the twenty or so packages I absent mindedly look down at what I was wearing. Green running shoes from 2007, green basketball shorts, and a Disney img_4059theme park t-shirt that had dried spit up on it from that morning. No product in my hair, I didn’t even have deodorant on. The strange thing is, I was okay with it.   Now. This may not seem crazy to some of you, after all it’s just the post office. But for old me, pre dad me, this was insane.

Prior to fatherhood I would put jeans and a shirt on to go check the mailbox, hair always up and done, freshly showered and cologne on fleek. I did it because partially you never know who you’re going to run into or what things may happen throughout the day and also for myself. I liked always being put together.  But then fatherhood came along and changed me completely. food1 I understand now why dads have a calm sense of “whatever” when it comes to fashion. It’s simply that “spit up happens”. Things are going to get messy.  Bring it on. This is why we have baby wipes.

Pre-fatherhood Dillon would not be caught dead in his glasses. But waking up early for work (I used to work nights) I cling to as much sleep as possible in the morning and I am admittedly too lazy to put in contacts prior to 6:00am. So I go to the office wearing glasses and no product in my hair.  It was a huge change for me that I didn’t even realize until that day in the post office.

Like I said, I was okay with it.  I am okay with it.  I like the “spit up happens” motto, I don’t always have to be dressed perfect, and I havn’t been.  It’s a calm understanding of I really don’t care what others think as much and that I can be lax with myself. I have bigger things going on than worrying about running into someone in Walmart while I am wearing sweatpants and my awesomely tacky airbrush shirt from Destin FL (Yes Korina has a matching shirt 😉


No shot of the airbrush shirts, but here’s us Pre-Parenthood in Destin!

What subtle ways has fatherhood changed you?


Spit up happens and

You’ve Got This!





  1. Fleek? Is this some super secrete dad club code? Why wasn’t I invited?

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    1. Haha. It’s a thing teenagers say now. So I’m infiltrating the cool kids! In true dad fashion hehe!

      Liked by 1 person

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