Wow… Could someone please tell me where September went off to?  We are quickly approaching Killian hitting 9 months old on Oct 7th.  It’s crazy to think about.  (Dillon takes a deep breath and tries not to think about the swift moving hands of time chasing after him)


Welcome to my first monthly favorites!  I don’t know how much of these have to do with fatherhood, but all of them have to do with what I have enjoyed this month and I want to share these things with you!

Let me know in the comments what you have been enjoying!


The Maine-Pioneer (2013)

This album is so good. More on the American Pop Rock side, this album includes one of my favorite songs of theirs: “Misery” Give the whole thing a  listen here:


Jake and The Never Land Pirates / Outlander

I have to give a shout out to Killian’s favorite pirate, Jake.  I am the oldest of three boys (I am 26 and my youngest brother is now 14) So I remember watching baby shows with him and they were not so great. But now, baby shows and kids shows are literally amazing.  Jake and the Neverland Pirates is actually really, really good. A cohesive story line, mini movies, and the writing is superb.  Also, as anyone could expect, Captain Hook steals the show.

Last night Korina and I started watching Outlander.  This is a show on Stars based off of a book.  It’s about a nurse from World War Two who, while on a second honeymoon in Scotland, gets sent back in time via some witchy magic to Scotland in 1743.  It is really good and the cinematography is great.  Give it a shot!


The Ashen Hollow!

I watch a bunch of folks on Youtube and one of my favorites is Jake “The Ashen Hollow”. Not only is he a close personal friend of mine in real life but he is an expert in Dark Souls Lore. He is a dad and a husband and a damn good drummer! Check out this video:

Book: Comic Books count right?


A little while ago Disney bought Marvel Studios.  And people got upset. I loved the idea, I also love Disney soooo.  But with the purchase of Marvel came comic books.  They just did a five book run based on the world of The Haunted Mansion (my favorite ride in Disney World) and it is spectacular.  It’s an original story based off the characters and story lines hidden in the ride.


Quintessential Editor.

When I started this dad blog way back in the good ol summer of 2016 I had no idea what I was doing, still don’t, but one of the first things I did was try to find other bloggers doing what I do, trying to figure out my voice in the crowd, wanting to make friends because dading is a strange thing and it’s nice to have comrades. So, I hopped on to the reader, typed in the search bar, dad blog (or something dad related) and there pops up this guys post about dad life. I was like “cool!  That was easy!” I followed him and read his post and commented and then went on to look at his massive body of blogging work only to find out, the guys not just a dad blogger, but he is primarily a “how to write” really well blogger!  If you are interested in learning how to write better and want a little dad knowledge and cute pictures of his son, THOR!, then go give him a follow!


Oh me, oh my! We took Killian to the zoo and it was outstanding, but rather than tell you about it feel free to watch the vlog here:



I am always running out of storage on my phone due to the massive amounts of photos of Korina, Killian and the random things I send Korina from the store asking if we need them. Oh, and selfies, lots of hilariously horrible selfies.

Whats a dad to do? Download google photos and let it back up all of the photos on your phone for free…’s amazing, and is changing my life. Download it, it’s all free and it’s all good!

AAAAND My Starbucks Order:

Trenta (32oz) iced coffee with cream and 5 pumps of Vanilla [NO classic syrup]


Well that does it for this first favorites blog.  It was fun to write and fun to take a moment and review this past month and think about what all I, and my kick ass family, have been up to.

Thank you so much for reading!  Tell me something about the month of September that was awesome for you? Eat something cool? Drive a fancy sports car? Let me know down below!


You’ve Got This!




  1. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    I know that QE guy! Who names their kid Thor anyways…

    Seriously though, thanks for the shout out and for giving me a tiny ego boost. It’s kind of a mixed bag as I haven’t been blogging enough about dad-life, honestly. I think I might revise my schedule and have a family day. Your posts really are an outlet for me, because I can relate to them so well. I think the biggest struggle right now, as you seem to be feeling as well, is finding the time to get everything done.

    I’m going to stop myself, because I feel like I might launch into an introspective tangent that serves no real purpose. What I will do is thank you, AND answer your questions.

    Awesome stuff from this month:

    [Work Event]: Picked up a couple of ultra-cool science fiction authors as clients from the Human Legion universe.

    [Life Event]: Thor started pulling himself up to his feet unassisted and now is destroying everything that was once out of reach.

    [Graphic Novel]: Wasteland Book 1, by Christopher Mitten. I’ve been studying graphic novels in my genre. Why not start with one that sounds SO very similar to my book? I enjoy the story, the art, and the layout. I’ll be snagging more of these as time presents.

    [Non-Fiction]: A Dash of Style, by Noah Lukeman. Punctuation is boring, Noah makes it less boring.

    [Fiction]: Caught, by MLS Weech. It hasn’t been released yet, but I edited the book a couple times and reading the final version makes me want to river dance. Super stoked to feel the book in my hands. My fiction reading seems to be limited to clientele books these days…

    [Music]: Heather snagged me a Creedence Clearwater Revival record set and the needle has been dancing on them. We also found the Guardians of Galaxy soundtrack records, and those are a perfect mix of fun songs. The non-song soundtrack to the actual movie is great to write to.

    [Blog]: From September, I would probably go with Fantasy Author’s Handbook. This blog is run by the very successful author, Philip Athans, and his posts on writing are super informative. He posts once a week on Tuesdays (and I wonder if I ever find success if that’s what I’ll have to do to?).

    [Energy Source]: Monster Zero Ultra. A cool rush of toxic chemical slurry infused with artificial flavor and caffeine. What flavor is it? I’m not sure, as it’s not printed on the can or very clear by the taste. What I do know is when I crack an ice cold one open and drink it, it shocks my body into a wakeful state.

    Side note: I’m listening to the The Maine-Pioneer, and I’m digging it. Thanks for pointing it out! I loved reading about your month. Here’s to October. Let’s dress goofy, eat too much candy, and try not to scare trick-or-treaters…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man we are all busy and it’s hard to manage all of the things we want to do, there is only so much time to get everything down on paper. Now we could sit and write all day, but then who would get to experience all the cool things our kids are doing, like destroying the house. When you have the chance to write dad stuff, write dad stuff =) I think your update post from the other day blended in your personal life quite nicely! Thanks for taking the time to jot down your favorites, next time I grab a monster I will be trying this zero ultra (is that the white one?)
      As always, thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Quintessential Editor · ·

        It is the white can. It has all kinds of pretty scroll work and fancy texturing. They put a lot of thought into the can, and it’s my pleasure to suck down the contents and enjoy the buzz. (Let’s stop all this writing tomfoolery and become marketing executives for Monster! They’d probably give us a Monster themed monster truck to drive around!!)


      2. I would only be okay with that if there were an actual monster on the back of the flat bed hurtling monsters at folks as we drove past. *HONK HONK*


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