SIDE HUSTLE FOR THE WIN! | Monday Motivation

Korina And I have always worked.  On top of that we have both always had some form of side Hustle. Bartending weddings, nannying kids, selling bootleg bourbon from the back of a stage coach out in northern Colorado. (two truths and a lie anyone?)

Recently a new side hustle has fallen into my lap and I have taken it and ran with it.  Social media and website development for start up small businesses and local merchants. It all started when a woman I work with told me she was starting up her own Reiki practice but did not know how to market herself in the world of newsletters, blogs, social media websites, websites, Ecommerce and everything else that goes along with trying to have a business presence online. I mentioned I could help her with all of that, having done it for a few local businesses before, and then boom.  I am building her website from the floor up. Then before I knew it she told the Shaman who trained her about me, so now I am working for him on remodeling his whole web presence. He has already begun to talk to his clients about me so it would appear this side hustle is shaping into a full on hustle along with my regular work hustle.  All because I took a moment to talk to a coworker and lend a hand, I didn’t expect this to grow into a side hustle but it most surely has.

I bring it up for two reasons.

1). This is why I have been absent from the blog world for a little while, I have been trying to figure out how to manage and add everything in!

2). To motivate you to get out there and hustle!

Friends, you never know what opportunities you will have out there to make some extra money, push your boundaries, and over all see what you’re made of!

Get out there and make some changes guys!  Starting out with a new side hustle (like a professional leaf blower business or becoming an uber driver) can seem daunting at first, and trust me it will be, but you just develop a new normal for yourself and you get out there and you kick butt and you look back on it and go yeah, I am made of a lot more than I thought I was.


You’ve Got This!




  1. This was well-timed for me. My wife and I are very similar and hustle has almost become a family heirloom. We too bartende weddings, do entry level logo designs, and even hit up the occasional random Craigslist job. He’ll, I even signed up to Uber drive recently. But with all that and our recent addition to thearn family we’ve kind of hit a wall lately…
    Thanks for the quick reminder that hustling can be worth it and may always lead to something.

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    1. No problem friend! HUSTLERS UNITE! Life is tough and get to you but set your sights on whats worth it and chase it! But remember, and I forgot to include this, take the time to let dishes sit and let the phone go to voice mail and enjoy that family you work so hard for! Nothings more valuable than them! Keep kicking butt its all worth it friend!

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  2. How DARE you sell illegal bourbon from that stagecoach! I’m calling the Colorado authorities right now!! And everyone should do the side hustle, it’s great exercise!

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    1. Damn, you saw through the nannying as the lie! HAHA!

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      1. Yes sir, can’t get one past ole JR!

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