Where are the Dad Blogs?

Where have all the dad blogs gone and where are all the gods?

If any one knows any good dad blogs, or if you have good dad blog material leave me a comment.


Lets make friends!




  1. I’ve been looking for fellow dad bloggers too. Quintessential dad recommended me to you. I’m SOON NEW TO ALL THIS! I’m still trying to get it all figured out.

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    1. Haha, QE is a great guy and far too kind for recommending me. (I’m blushing). The best way to learn is to just jump in, heck I’m still learning and trying to get better! Hello fellow dad blogger!

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  2. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    Where are all the dad blogs? That’s a good question! The few I’ve found (that are active) I try to share my limited list with.

    Dads unite!

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  3. halfgoodhalfdad · · Reply

    In the same boat here – new (to blogging and the notion of parenthood – first trimester…it doesn’t get much newer). I’m struggling to find similar blogs, I keep finding blogs that just seem to be paid for posts – I’d quite like to find some similarly clueless people bumbling their way through. Any suggestions welcome!

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    1. First off, your name is amazing. I like it! And man, you are in for a ride! I don’t have many connections in the dad blogs but I am looking to find more, I am considering you one of these connections now! Is there anything about the impending fatherhood you’d like to see here on FRTD thats obviously not a paid post haha! (Also, congrats!!!!)


      1. halfgoodhalfdad · ·

        I’ll come back to you on potential posts (sorry, have been without internet for a little while…as you can tell!) – there seem to be a ridiculous amount of mummy blogs around, but maybe we’re carving our own niche. Who knows!

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      2. HAHA! lets do this, lets carve that niche dad blog corner!

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  4. Uh… Uh… Over here! Just started – learning the ropes – late 20’s, first time dad who when he doesn’t cower in fear from his wife in a corner, rants behind her back and highlights findings and revelations along the pre-birth journey due in May 2017 🙂

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  5. There’s a handful in the UK – including, ahem, my one. I have two sons, so I guess I’m quite a seasoned pro, although I don’t feel like it.

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  6. pooped5 · · Reply

    Hey There!

    Sorry I’m late to the party. I’m a 1st-time dad Blogger of a 2-year old Agent of Chaos!


    Pleased to make your acquaintance!


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