Tetris Master!

Good morning!

You never realize how much baby gear you’ve got until you clean it all. Quick shout out to the Boon grass drying rack and Myers dish soap for being amazing. If you’re looking for baby washing gear these two are a must!

Have a great weekend friends!

You’ve Got This!




  1. Today you’ve won the internets!! 🙂

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    1. Why thank you!!!!

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  2. Just removed the bottle today to feed her and realised the time and effort one has to put in for sterilization.

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    1. Keeping your bottles sterile is so important! What bottles are you using? We love the Dr. Browns!


      1. Yeah completely agree. We are using Natural Feeling by Chicco. She was happy with it the first time With the bottle. It helps a lot when the wife is not around

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  3. Quintessential Editor · · Reply

    This is my daily life hahaha! We found this cool little boxy thing that allows us to put all of those small parts and pieces in the dishwasher, which has a sanitize option. Before that, I hand-washed all of the bottle parts (we use the Dr. Browns bottles that have like five pieces) and breast pump stuff (another zillion pieces) then boiled them…

    It wasn’t any fun at all. Glad we are winding down on the breastmilk phase and moving into solid food land. Sure us fun watching Thor try new and exciting foods…and a little scary sometimes too!

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    1. We have one of the little sanitation containers too! Killian has been jumping more and more into solid foods lately top favorites are: Cheesy Chicken, PB&J and lasagna! He had Lobster and seemed to like it! Whats Thor been getting into?

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      1. Quintessential Editor · ·

        Lobster! You are setting the bar high 🙂 But it’s really good, from what our pediatrician told us, to introduce them to shellfish in small quantities early. I guess it helps them with any potential food allergies. The doc even said to give Thor tiny bits of peanut butter each day for the same reason. He cited a clinical study done in Israel where they did this for children with food allergies and over the course of a three months their bodies adjusted.

        Thor eats everything…he’s like a baby garbage disposal. Whenever I eat, I just put him down at the table and give him some of my food. He’s starting to mimic my actions with his baby-sized spoon and spork, which is pretty funny. Most of the time he uses these utensils as hockey sticks to whack food about the place though. I should probably invest in a dog to start cleaning the floors…


      2. I cant express how awesome having a dog is and that I fully support you getting one. they are incredible.

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  4. Love blog keep them coming

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Anything you would like to see or hear in the future?


      1. Not really just like following the lives of other fellow bloggers/bloggers. Especially about fatherhood

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      2. =) Well thank you for following, it means a lot to me!


      3. It was suppose to say bloggers/vloggers lol srry


      4. Haha, thats fine!


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