It’s okay to have a messy room

Sometimes it’s okay to have a messy room and to let your kid go nuts. Exploring and investigating is so important. And when it comes to clean up sometimes you just want to go to sleep when they go to sleep. Here’s to play days and messy rooms! It’s okay to be messy as long as we know we clean up…eventually!  Whose with me? Let me know your thoughts on cleanliness and your toddlers rooms. 

And remember,

You’ve Got This!




  1. I’m too OCD for that, but I’m picking up what you’re laying down! 🙂

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    1. OH MY! Thank you for picking everything up! 😉

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      1. No worries!! I’m trackin, I’m trackin! Like a VCR!!! Like a cruise missile even! 😛 ❤


  2. operationdadrambles · · Reply

    I am a one toy out, one toy in type of guy, but sometimes i let them go nuts. Then i make them clean up after. No chance am i doing it, they don’t hoover or mop or change the bedding every week do they? Haha.

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    1. We will reign in the toy usage when he gets a little older but for now its nice to watch him explore =)

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      1. operationdadrambles · ·

        Nice man, ours is nearly four so he’s gotta learn.

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      2. Oh yeah! We just clicked over ten months haha

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  3. Yeah no biggie here, they will get cleaned up, but sometimes there are just more important things to do!



  4. No toddlers of my own, but I’m kind of big on doing “clean-up time” with my nieces. (Believe it or not, I’m still a fun aunt.) I can only look at a mess-my own or someone else’s–for so long before cracking!


  5. I think some mess is just natural for toddlers and to constrict it completely will drive both parties nuts!


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