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It’s okay to have a messy room

Sometimes it’s okay to have a messy room and to let your kid go nuts. Exploring and investigating is so important. And when it comes to clean up sometimes you just want to go to sleep when they go to sleep. Here’s to play days and messy rooms! It’s okay to be messy as long […]

Tetris Master!

Good morning! You never realize how much baby gear you’ve got until you clean it all. Quick shout out to the Boon grass drying rack and Myers dish soap for being amazing. If you’re looking for baby washing gear these two are a must! Have a great weekend friends! You’ve Got This! -Dillon

HOW TO DAD: Sweatpants and Spit Up

Prior to fatherhood I would put jeans and a shirt on to go check the mailbox, hair always up and done, freshly showered and cologne on fleek.

Starting Monthly Favorites?!

I want to start doing monthly favorites, maybe even try to get into doing some infographics.

HOW TO DAD: Cheap Guitars and Noise For The Baby

So we have a baby boy who loves music, a dad who plays music and a mom who has brilliant taste in tunes. What’s the Biemesderfer family to do?

HOW TO DAD! “Please, Be Loud While The Baby Sleeps!”

Now I know this is so beyond the normal for most parents to say “make noise around the sleeping kid”. Who does that?