“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

Buying the tickets makes the planning and dreaming a little more of a reality. It’s a big commitment. Putting down the cash. Putting it on the line.

SIDE HUSTLE FOR THE WIN! | Monday Motivation

Korina And I have always worked. On top of that we have both always had some form of side Hustle. Bartending weddings, nannying kids, selling bootleg bourbon from the back of a stage coach out in northern Colorado.

There Is No Wrong Way To Write! | Monday Motivation!

It doesn’t matter where you are, when you are, or how odious the task may be to sit down and write, just write.


Adventure is out there! Sometimes you just have to go look for it.


For all my friends that want to make it, whatever your “it” is, just keep posting.

The Power Of Thank You.

I say no thanks needed, but in all actuality, it feels so good to hear my wife say thank you.

How To Increase Your Productivity In Just 5 Easy Minutes!

I work at a desk with access to the oh so wonderful internet. It is almost too easy to open up a new tab in firefox…