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Writing for the Busy Parent — Quintessential Editor

Whats it like being a parent and a writer, well besides chaos, find out what Corey and Dillon have to say!


Saying Goodbye To A Friend

I met Princess in the fall of 2009 just a few weeks after I met Korina. It was the first time that I went to Korina’s house.

No Thanks Dad, I can Feed Myself!

Here is this kid that needs us to change his diapers, strap him into a car seat and to put on his shoes. But somehow, at nine months old, he pushed my hands away and held his bottle by himself.

HOW TO DAD: Sweatpants and Spit Up

Prior to fatherhood I would put jeans and a shirt on to go check the mailbox, hair always up and done, freshly showered and cologne on fleek.

HOW TO DAD: Cheap Guitars and Noise For The Baby

So we have a baby boy who loves music, a dad who plays music and a mom who has brilliant taste in tunes. What’s the Biemesderfer family to do?

Growing Up?

“Who am I, if I’m the person you become if I’m still growing up.”

Fatherhood & Flat Tires

But for some reason the beast of “I’m not good enough” washed over me when I saw the flat tire.