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Killian Learns To Drum! #TBT VLOG

Who do you watch on Youtube?

What kind of videos do you watch if you don’t follow any one in particular?


Destin Florida Vacation VLOG! | TBT

This was probably one of my favorite vacations. We hung out on the beach, adventured around spooky antique stores….

Walt Disney World VLOGS! | #TBT

Here is a peek from the archive of our trip to Disney World in October of 2013! Enjoy the videos!

Sitting In The Crib! #TBT

I think that its normal for any one who builds a crib for the first time to want to test it out…and how do you do that?

We Had A Baby! (Birth Vlog)

This is probably one of my favorite videos and a perfect reason to show why Korina and I weekly vlog!

First Time On The Swings?!

This was actually a tough week but we will get into that in the video.

Killian Pooped On Korina…

Yup, it happened. Killian Pooped on Korina…